28 February—3 March 2024

(28.02 – 02.03.2024)

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Visions, Ventures & Valuables

Group Exhibition

Neureutherstraße 26, 80799 München, Germany

Co-created with images by 96 artists and a machine learning algorithm, Artificial Intelligems, Ornamisms, Project ongoing since 2023, Image from 2024



Opening: 28.02.2024, 18:00-20:00
Event duration: 28.02-02.03.2024, Wed 18:00-20:00, Thu-Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00

Visions, Ventures & Valuables presents the artistic research of jewellery artists Liesbet Bussche, Maria Konschake and Anneleen Swillen, which they are developing as PhD or postdoctoral scholars. All three are affiliated with Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt (Belgium) and members of the MANUFrACTURE research group within MAD-Research.

In the joint presentation, Liesbet Bussche, Maria Konschake and Anneleen Swillen share visions from their research process, ventures they initiate and challenges they encounter along the way. They show their artistic process and outcomes in which making and thinking, perceptions and reflections, physical valuables and metaphorical values alternate and influence each other. All three depart from jewellery – as discipline, discourse, object, practice, perspective – to unfold their artistic identities and, in doing so, shape their research and related questions.

Liesbet Bussche transforms ubiquitous and unnoticeable urban public objects through the implementation of ‘jewellery affordance’, exploring how the gaze of a jewellery designer can lead to a re-reading of an environment.
Maria Konschake explores whether memory-related deviations can be used as a methodology for creating art objects and how this method reflects the relationship between jewellery, identity and memory.
Through the interdisciplinary platform Artificial Intelligems, Anneleen Swillen explores more-than-human co-creation in a digital culture, speculating about futures adornment, phygital embodiment, and human-machine collaboration.

Liesbet Bussche’s (BOF20DOC01) and Maria Konschake’s (BOF21DOC04) research is funded by the Special Research Fund (Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds, BOF) of Hasselt University. Anneleen Swillen’s postdoctoral research is funded by Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt, Belgium.

Liesbet Bussche (1980, Belgium) is an Amsterdam-based artist who is known for her installations, objects, printed matter and occasionally wearable pieces of jewellery in which she intertwines archetypal jewellery and urban elements. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in the Arts at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt in which she seeks to unravel what it means to walk and work as a jewellery designer in public spaces.


Maria Konschake (1990, Germany) is a visual artist, researcher and jewellery maker whose artworks are craft-based explorations that reflect on historical, political and socio-critical themes. She was trained at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie, studied at the Hochschule Wismar and PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in the Arts at Hasselt University, PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt, researching memory-related deviation as a process to create art objects based on identity-related jewellery.


Anneleen Swillen (1992, Belgium) is a postdoctoral researcher and tutor at PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt and Hasselt University. Her work revolves around the exploration of jewellery in a phygital culture through research in the arts, education, curation, and writing. In 2020, she founded “Artificial Intelligems” in collaboration with composer and data engineer Greg Scheirlinckx. As a fluid collective, currently working on the intersection of jewellery, graphic design, music, XR-performance, dance, and data science, they aim to connect people, artistic practices, and technologies to explore more-than-human co-creation.