12—16 March 2025

(29.02 – 02.03.2024)

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Touch Wood

Group Exhibition

Theresienstraße 29, 80333 München, Germany

Runa Vethal Stolen, Untitled, 2024, Upcycled teak chair. Photo courtesy of the artist


Opening: 29.02.2024, 11:00
Event duration: 29.02-02.03.2024, 11:00-17:00


The project Touch Wood springs from a desire of the three artists to develop their artistry and challenge each other in the creation of jewellery objects with a common theme; the material wood. The title Touch wood can be interpreted directly as touching wood, or refer to a well-known expression to avoid bad luck.

Touch Wood is an exhibition created by three Oslo based artists: Kirsti Reinsborg Grov, Runa Vethal Stølen & Veronica Cheann. All graduated from the Oslo Academy of the Arts in Norway.


Veronica Cheann‘s core medium is jewellery and installation. Her works focus on the emotional experience with materials, the discrepancy between the perception of the visual and the tactile. She is interested in everyday organic materials and their implication of ephemerality as objects.


Kirsti Reinsborg Grov demonstrates rare insistence within narrow concepts. She pursues an idea, investigating and elaborating possibilities with high technical skills within enameling and silversmithing.


Runa Vethal Stølen started her artistic education in ceramic and product design. Exploring the line between chaos and symmetry has been a recurring theme throughout her practice as a jewellery artist, inspired by nature’s microcosm, music and sculpture.