4–10 July 2022

The annual Munich Jewellery Week showcases innovative contemporary jewellery by both established and up-and-coming designers from around the world. It is the most significant event for the contemporary jewellery community, and it sets the pace for the entire field.

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(07.07 – 10.07.2022)



Katharina Briksi, Ildikó Dánfalvi, Laura Hanisch, Samuel Maßmann, Anne Pruy, Tomomi Yoshizawa

Milchstraße 4, Munich, Germany


Opening Wed 6 July 16:00-20:00

Thu-Sat 11:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-15:00

White light can be broken down into its spectral colours using a prism, these are usually referred to as the rainbow colours.

These pure colours cannot be broken down further.

As artists, we see ourselves as prisms that make our surroundings readable in a new way. The interplay with colours leads our gaze wander along new paths, which opens up our understanding of the world at a multitude of levels.

Light becomes colour.

Monochrome is colourful.

Katharina Briksi, Helmet / plastic, dandelion, stainless steel, cotton 28x25x18cm / 2021

Helmet: The safety helmet is a part of a set consisting of seven wearable objects. In its function, the protective equipment makes use of well-known natural phenomena. Feathers bounce, bees sting, dandelion flowers turn into dandelion airbags in case of a fall. Whether the equipment offers protection or is also used for defence depends on the situation and the wearer. Yellow strengthens, warns, draws attention to itself, to me, to you.

Ildikó Dánfalvi, The Winner (Birds of Love Series) / brooch / pink ivory wood, 24k gold, silver 11,0x8,5x1,5cm / 2022

Birds of Love: Red is a primary colour and one of the most striking colours. It stands for love, passion, energy, fire and happiness. Love knows no limits. It finds us at every age and everywhere in the world. My birds embody the states of love: flying free, flying to the stars, flying with one wing, retreating, feeling like a prisoner, shining, feeling safe and the state of being reborn as a phoenix from dust.

Laura Hanisch, Mermaidstail / necklace / found objects, cotton, silk, glass beads 62,0x15,5x3,0cm / 2022

Mermaidstail: Everything here is too much and every detail is essential, everything has to be exactly like this and can become completely different. It is the piercing, the struggling, the entwining, the entangling, the rooting, the wavering that in the end blossoms into harmony. Nature is never too much, but it lavishes, flaunts, exaggerates, and rightly so. Green is a celebration of life in becoming and passing. I imitate her, the master of decadence, I wallow happily in the plastic sea of ignorance and possibility.

Samuel Maßmann, Never swim alone / textile, microcontroller, sound / 65x35x20cm / 2022

Never swim alone: Living beings dwell in dark emotional crevices and tectonic faults of the character. Within you they squabble and tug at each other, occasionally screaming from the depths.S. summons the meso-beings into the material world. He invites the rumbling, screeching or whimpering in us to come to the surface.S. gives you back your stuffed toys. He finds forms in which emotional in-between moments can be met. His meso-beings are uncompromisingly on hand at all times and in every situation.

Anne Pruy, Peace of mind I / brooch / aluminium, enamel, steel 11,5x11,0x2,0cm / 2022

Peace of mind I: At the sea. A late afternoon in Dezember. The sun is low and presses through the cloudy sky. The ferry moves from the city to the small island. It is bitter cold. The snow crackles with every step. The ice-cold seawater melts the snow. The structure of the cliff becomes visible. It embodies the movement of the waves. The plaster moulds the depressions and elevations on the ground. On the way back, it is already dawn.

Tomomi Yoshizawa, Dreamy / CDs, thread, textile, violet / 35,0x20x0,8cm / 2022

Violetblue. Violet, the- Veilchen (German) like a violet bloomes in secret

Purple violet / Tagtraum / daydreaming / revery

It is a heavenly time, a space of silence, stillness and peace.