9–15 March 2020

(12.03 – 15.03.2020)



Joohee Han

Neureutherstraße 15, Munich, Germany

Opening 12.03 18:00
Thu 14:00-21:00
Fri-Sun 11:00-18:00

The egg can be seen as a perfect container of organic material and is therefore symbolic of a natural optimum. In view of the low esteem in society, it decides to change its form in the hope of taking on a higher quality. Joohee Han plays with the story of the egg that measures its own value against the standards of a surrounding society. Ultimately, the egg can be found symbolically in other geometrical forms through the societal standardisation of the valuable. It got rid of its former function to take on the function of jewellery. The flexible exterior allows it to adapt further. When worn, it bends and counteracts the body shape of the wearer. Materiality, form and function testify to the unconditional will to optimise – assimilation.