9–15 March 2020

(11.03 – 15.03.2020)


-- Exhibition Cancelled -- NUDA VITA The practice of collective and political body

Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Satomi Kawai, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Peter Machata, Jana Machatova, Nanna Obel, Margherita Potenza, Eva van Kempen, Tanel Veenre, Snem Yildirim

Schwanthalerstraße 176, Munich, Germany

ABC Westside Galerie
Opening reception 12.03 16:00-19:00
Wed-Sat 12:00-18:00
Sun 12:00-16:00

Artist Eva van Kempen Lady Liberty, from the series Freedom as Luxury 2020 Materials Expired abortion pills, PVC film, artificial leather, spring steel, steel Photo credit Hugo Rompa Model Eva van Kempen

On the occasion of Munich Jewellery Week, Adornment is pleased to present the second chapter of Nuda Vita, an experience of artistic production that presents the work of some of the most interesting contemporary jewellery artists.
The exhibition will take place at ABC Westside Galerie from 11 to 15 March 2020. The initiative, curated by Ilaria Ruggiero, explores the value and role of the public, collective and political body, taking as its starting point the expression Nuda Vita, coined by Benjamin and then developed by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, reworked as an impossible condition, an indescribable concept, and an artistic action.


Vivien Bedwell, Muted Touch on Body
Nina Lima

As an artistic movement and an open platform for regection, this year the exhibition presents the previously unseen work of 12 artists who have both continued and made further contributions to artistic research around the public body and social and political identity: Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Satomi Kawai, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Peter Machata, Jana Machatova, Nanna Obel, Margherita Potenza, Eva van Kempen, Tanel Veenre, Snem Yildirim.
The artists were invited to explore different aspects of ‘nudity’, as an ideological and existential condition that humanity experiences when free from constraints, rules, obligations and norms, in order to develop a personal artistic resistance action. The goal is to compare the most varied experiences and to broaden social and political awareness. The great wealth of perspectives and themes, already set out in the first edition, presents jewellery as a means of raising questions relating to major issues such as the role of women in society, the issue of gender, the freedom to have control of one’s own body, sexual orientation, slavery, the idea of beauty, regimes and dictatorships, mysticism and eroticism, disability and public spaces.

Satomi Kawai, ring, Her Black Hair
Jana Machatova, Portrait of lady
Peter Machata, Stigma
Margherita Potenza, Chest tile

With a view to accompanying the creations with an in-depth critical discourse, in this edition the relationship between ethics and aesthetics will be considered in greater depth, in an attempt to position artistic practice in a progressive stance
and give it true weight.

Nuda Vita remains an act of provocation and resistance, subversion and awareness, which stages the body, through the jewel, as a statement of politics, identity and humanity.

Daria Borovkova, relative No.2 on body
Nanna Obel, Middle Age Skin
Anna Lewis, Touch
Tanel Veenre, PAPILLA
Snem Yildirim, sense and sensation