9–15 March 2020

(11.03 – 15.03.2020)


New Life Collection 2020

Irene Palomar

Isabellastraße 8, München, Germany

Café Clara
Opening 11.03 19:00-21:00

Wed-Sun 10:00-19:00

Brooch 2019 Silver,plastic brick house building module Construction ,patina 6x6x3.5cm PH Damián Wasser

Since 2012 I have incorporated in my contemporary jewelry works discarded plastic modules that I recycle and thermoform  rescuing plastics discards from their pollutant destiny and giving them, my understanding, of a new life.

A reality that causes fright: everything is contaminated with plastic waste…..

Eight million tons of plastics are poured into the oceans every year…


Ring 2019 Silver,plastic brick house building module Lost wax, construction 5x3x4.5cm PH Damián Wasser

Plastics last forever but the degradation in microplastics by the action of the sun and heat does not … those microplastics arrive by contamination of the earth and water to all living beings on the planet through food …

There are research and studies to create degradable plastics but we still have to wait….



Ring 2019 Silver,plastic brick house building module,sand Construction,patina 6x7x6cm PH Damián Wasser
Bracelet 2019 Silver,sand, plastic brick house building module Construction,patina 8.5x8x3cm PH Damián Wasser

With my new collection I tried to see this reality from another angle from another place, What to do? What can each of us do against this scourge?

Many communities in the world collect and select the plastic waste that is used by industry to make new objects that allow the removal of plastic waste from the system that pollutes

In the world and also in my country, Argentina, there are factories that recycle and industrialize plastic waste to manufacture new objects: bricks for the construction of houses, pipes, tables, house building plates, banks ,chairs…

This reality was an invitation to include as a new element in this collection :modules of some objects made by the industry with plastic garbage ….

Although it would be better if there were no plastic waste …  today there are projects and facts to rescue them and give them a utility … a new life…

Ring 2019 Silver,plastic brick house building module Construction,patina 4x5x4cm PH Damián Wasser