8–14 March 2021


New Life 2021

Irene Palomar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

RING Untitled Silver,plastic brick house building module,aluminium sheets Lost wax,construction 7x8.5x5cm 2020 PH Damián Wasser

There are more than 8.000.000 tons of plastic per day that for different reasons end up in the ocean, forming very large islands in different oceans since the plastic intermingles with traces of fishing nets and clumps together.

But let’s also see the counterpart there are many projects that try to break these islands and recover the plasticThere are also many projects on the continents that work with plastic waste so that this plastic does not reach the sea
The pieces in this collection have modules of plastic bricks and plastic wood, both made with 99% disposable plastics.A product industrialised in my country: Argentina. New pieces to continue the 2020 project.
One more voice that contributes to raising awareness of this catastrophe that many do not want to see.