8–14 March 2021


MADly Mastered

Yann Ceuleers, Annika Ingelaere, Maria Konschake, Sophia le Roux, Simón Mazuera, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Madeli Viljoen

Hasselt, Belgium

Eight PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (BE) alumni honour MAD’s tradition a second time. From Belgium, Colombia, Germany and South-Africa they reunite and present work that has mastered last year’s MADness. Various (jewellery) objects uncover new realities that deal with illusory movement, the lost sentiments of a queen and a weirdly attractive curiosity cabinet. Realities that make us reflect on the estranging beauty of pollution and the meaning(s) of cultural identity. Realities that tell us future stories from the past, and that eventually make us see how fear can, sometimes, make us flourish.