9–15 March 2020

(12.03 – 14.03.2020)



PXL-MAD School of Arts / Hasselt (BE) Yann Ceuleers, Charlot Claessens, Annika Ingelaere, Maria Konschake, Simón Mazuera, Katho Nulens, Sophia Van der Walt, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Magdalena Viljoen

Türkenstraße 92, Munich, Germany

Opening 13.03 14:00-19:00

Thu 15:00-19:00, Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-18:00

The students of the PXL-MAD School of Arts from Hasselt (BE) present their work: objects & jewellery at the Trippen flagship store.



Charlot Claessens
Katho Nulens

PXL-MAD master students will lace up their Trippen shoes for a MADwalk through Munich Jewellery Week: presenting a moving exhibition in honour of MAD’s tradition. The soon to be graduates will travel through the city with their show boxes carrying a selection of their pieces. Meet them on the streets and collect an ‘impress’ jewel! Or, stumble into their exhibition at the Trippen shop, where they will show their most recent work, tip toeing in between the Trippen shoes.

Madelie Viljoen
Sophia Vanderwalt
Annika Ingelaere
Charlotte Vanhoubroeck

Take yourself on a trip and discover the work of this year’s masters, an eclectic mix of international students. Through the city they will be leaving their footprint, as well as at the Pinakothek, the International Handwerksmesse and their own grand opening on Friday March 13th from 4pm till 7pm. Get curious and follow their journey on #MADwalk to find out where their feet will take them and when they will bring the MADness out of their show boxes. They will sweep you off your feet!

Maria Konschake
Simon Mazuera
Yann Ceuleers