9–15 March 2020

(12.03 – 15.03.2020)


Life Soup

Marguerite Bones, Margherita Chinchio, Lorette Colé Duprat, Colombe D'humières , Guillaume Gouerou, Danielle Karlikoff, Keef Palas, Maxime Leblanc, Simon Marsiglia, Florence Tétier, Lisa Plaut

Dachauer Straße 112, Munich, Germany

Kreative Quartier, Halle 6
12.03 19:00 Vernissage
13.03 19:30 jazz concert

Thu 12:00-22:00
Fri- Sun 12:00-19:00

This crew of wild jewellery artists are merging their worlds for a unique presentation of 120m2.

Rising from the miasmic viscera, scrolling on the infinity of imagination, surrounding the lines of sensuality, burning in the boiling depth of volcanoes, crystalizing in the depth of a microwave… Growing from the experimentation of the lab, verging on the edge of the ethereal,  intertwining with the sacral, blooming from the reflections of petroleum,  or even crawling through the diamond dust; all these vanitases travel through the elements  to finally exist in our vivid world.

Acrylic, palladium, pearl, silver, sand, stones, silicone, urethane, crystal, copper, titanium and glass, will fume in a delightful LIFE SOUP.