9–15 March 2020

(10.03 – 14.03.2020)


-- Exhibition Cancelled -- IO&U Idar-Oberstein Graduation Show

Margherita Berselli, Annie Huang, Pei Wu, Sayara Montemurro, Annora Poppe, Franziska Lusser, Anna Storck, Vanessa Zöller, Jekaterina Smirnova, Barbora Opátová, Setarah Shojaee, Samantha Laddin

Fürstenstraße 6, 80333 München, Germany

Opening Event: Welcome to IO&U 11.03 20:00

Tue 16:00-21:00, Tue 13:00-16:00 Private view

Wed 10:00-22:00, Thu 10:00-21:00
with 10:00-11:00 “Put A Pin On It”, Workshop 13:00-16:00 “I wanna wear it”, Red carpet photo shot.

Fri 10:00-21:00 with 10:00-11:00 “Put A Pin On It”, Workshop 13-03-2020, 16:00-19:00 “I wanna wear it”, Red carpet photo shot.

Sat 10:00-22:00 with 11:00 “From dumpling to pancake”, international brunch, 20:00 “Gemtonic red-eye-talk”, drinks and open conversations

Annie Huang, ''The Figur'' necklace, 2019, padauk, bloodwood, silver. Photo by artist
Annora Poppe, "Regecting Landscapes", necklace, 2019, rock crystal, aluminum, titanium. Photo by Jekaterina Smirnova

“Put A Pin On It”, Workshop. A nice and creative way to start your day. Come to IO&U, make your pin and support a social and innovating project.

“I wanna wear it”, Red carpet photo shot. Would you like to try on our jewellery? Pick your favourite, get a “red carpet” photo shot and have inspiring conversations with the artists.

Franziska Lusser, ''Reminiscence'' , brooch, 2019,rock crystal, silver, steel. Photo by Jekaterina Smirnova.
Setareh Shojaee, ''Play between Mountains''. necklace, 2019, 3D printed nylon, basalt stone, textile. Photo by Nima Ashraf.
Vanessa Zoeller, ''a mother is a soap''. Object, 2019, milk opal, human hair. Photo by artist.

“From dumpling to pancake”, International brunch. The most special feature of Idar-Oberstein campus is the variety of cultures. IO&U represents 9 of them. By joining our international brunch, you can taste the beauty of our small world.

“Gemtonic red-eye-talk”
We open our world to share our stories with you. Join us for an open talk, about stone, about making, about thoughts and future projects.

Pei Wu, #01 from a series of „parent, past life, teddy bear“. Brooch, 2020, 14ct gold, rose quartz. Photo by artist.
Samantha Laddin, ''The Rewind'' necklace, 2019, maple wood, rubber. Photo by artist.