9–15 March 2020

(11.03 – 14.03.2020)


Heimat ou les ritournelles de Monika Brugger

Monika Brugger

Kaulbachstraße 13, Munich, Germany

Institut Français
Welcoming drinks 12.03 17:00-21:00

Wed 11:00-19:00
Thu 11:00-21:00
Fri-Sat 11:00-19:00

13.03 17:00 artist presentation
14.03 11:00 Special talk with Julia Wild

(opening days 10th and 15th of March have been cancelled)

Monika Brugger Fingerprints from M.B. A fleurs des doigts, since 2008 Rings Silver, gold Photo : Corinne Janier Paris

Questionary from Laurence Verdier for Monika Brugger
If only one word in the French language remained, what would it be?

Who is your personal saint?

What does your mother think of your work?
She is probably unaware of everything I do, even though she was the person who helped it all

Your favourite occupation?

the blackdress_collection© 12 + 1 dress for the seamstress Collection of 13 dresses, made from a unique pattern, built with a minimum of seams, on the shoulders and back with embroieries on the neckline, the shape of the armhole and the seam on the back. Antik Venice pearls ø 3 + 5 mm, garnets ø 2 - 6 mm, faceted garnets ø 2-3 mm, Bambou, cashmere, cotton, linnen, wool, cotton, red cotton theard Single size : FR 36 – 42 Photos : Corinne Janier Paris

And what’s your biggest ordeal?

What bugs you?
My insect pins called ‘éphèmerdes’

What forest would you like to get lost in?
The Black Forest.

What is your best dress for going dancing?
The one by Yamamoto.

When did you leave your childhood behind?
I’ve certainly left it behind, but I couldn’t tell you exactly where the border lies between childhood and adulthood.

On which occasions have you worn your black dresses?
Back in 2011, every day, to see if they worked.

Monika Brugger Une reprise, 2006- 2008 Jewels Linen, gold thread, pearlsBroderie Embroiderie4 x 4 cm Photo : Corinne Janier Paris
Monika Brugger 3 Stichwunde, Geschenk der Näherin, 2007 2/7 Jewel Linen, garnets, cotton Collection 1/7 ProArtibus, Ekenäs (FI) Work produced with the assistance of a 2005 Create your own automated PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor 7 research grant awarded by the CNAP (National Centre for Visual Arts), Paris and the A.i.R programme of ProArtibus Ekenäs/Tammisaari (FI) in 2006 Photo : Matthieu Gauchet

What national holiday would you like to invent?
I have a problem with the concept ‘national’.

What would you do if you could only keep one finger?
The middle one, to bring any arguments to a swift conclusion

If you were reborn as an insect?
Flies are too horrible to think about and yet they are a real pain and really boring … that might work well with my character.

What beverage would you like to dip your Lécher les doigts spoon in?
A yoghurt ice cream.

Monika Brugger Mouche, 2018 Marlène et ses mouches, 2017 Copper, enamel Portrait Photo : Matthieu Gauchet, Paris
Monika Brugger Fingerhut, since 1992 Weddingring, 2008 Rings Silver, gold Photo : Corinne Janier Paris
Monika Brugger Stichwunde, Geschenk der Näherin (detail), 2007 Detail linen, grenats Jeu de dés, 2018 Earrings, Recovered thimbles, silver, red gold, grenats Photo : Corinne Janier Paris

What alliance is most important to you?

What would you like people to give you as a birthday present?
Just being there. Because that’s the most difficult thing of all on 25th December!

What work would you like to have created?
‘Brosche Brosche Brosche’ by Manfred Niesmüller.

What Robert dictionary would you like to see at your exhibition?
The only one: the one by Alain Rey.

What is the most difficult kind of exile?
To be apart from ourselves, with the most physical self, nothing to do with a place.

What jewellery would you like to receive as a present?
I don’t need jewellery. A ‘Robert’ geranium, perhaps, but no jewellery.

Monika Brugger Fliegenschmuck, Les nouvelles vanités, since 2018 Earrings Shibushi, freshwater pearls, glass perles Photo : Corinne Janier Paris