9–15 March 2020

(09.03 – 15.03.2020)


heavy breeze

Lena Munzig, Carolina Lutz, Esther Gleuwitz

Holzstraße 27, 80469 München, Germany

Galerie Raum 3
Opening 09.03 16:00-19:00
Tue-Wed 10:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Thu closed
Fri-Sat 10:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Sun 10:00-16:00

Light form and heavy material, necklaces to be released and small satisfying sensations.
The three jewellery artists Lena Munzig, Carolina Lutz and Esther Gleuwitz once met in Allgäu, where they took their first steps in making jewellery together.

For Schmuck 2020 they show their pieces through airy, light layers and come together for some “heavy breeze”.

"Imprint" 2019 Vat Paper, Yarn Drawing – Object – Jewellery Imbedded in paper lays a pearl necklace. The paper surrounds it, is protection, packaging and object itself. The owner can release the necklace and transform it into a wearable piece. What remains is the imprint, the memory of this moment.
Esther Gleuwitz Hidden underneath a scratch-off panel out of 24 C gold, there are miniatures, which five different artists made for this project. The content of the medallion is a secret to the wearer himself. Scratch away the gold and reveal the work of art? Partly? Some day? Never? The possibility for change, surprise or even disappointment is inherent in the jewellery, even if the temptation to scratch off the plain surface remains a mental image. (space) Material: Sterling silver, 24 C gold, silk thread and a work of art by Thomas Bergner, Sejin Kim, Paula Flock, Alexandre Karaivanov or Tomoe Hikita
Lena Munzig The series „ALL IN“ contents rings out of different metals. They are shaped in wax and casted in lost form. Light form and heavy material melted together to be worn on the body. The center of my work is the hole around which I construct the form. Every piece of jewellery has a hole or is dependend on it. The size of the hole decides who wears the ring, it can not be changed. Material: brass, silver, gold