9–15 March 2020

(12.03 – 15.03.2020)


-- Exhibition Cancelled -- Echoes of a Meal

Mette Saabye, Helen Clara Hemsley, Janne K. Hansen, Josefine Rønsholt Smith

Parkstraße 5, Munich, Germany

Vernissage with danish snacks and drinks 12.03 17:00-20:00
Thu 12:00-20:00
Fri 10:00-17:00
Sat 10:00-15:00
Sun 10:00-12:00

Echoes of a Meal – An invitation to experience the essence of a Danish meal
The concept of a meal and how it has the ability to echo life around us forms the common foundation for the group’s reflections, and especially focuses on how a meal can bring people together and bolster their sense of community.
Making jewellery and preparing a meal both share an intense use of the senses, as both jewellery and a meal are made and used by the body. What remains after the meal is the memory of the act. With jewellery, the memory is stored and decoded by the senses, forming a connection between time and place.

Janne K.Hansen

The exhibition introduces the viewer to the special aesthetic connected to Danish table setting traditions and the intensity associated with the togetherness a meal can offer. Our aim with the exhibition design is to recreate the intimacy of a
Danish meal, where conversation flows freely. A meal is prepared as a generous gift and sensory experience, to be enjoyed in comfortable togetherness, with room for close interaction and the exchanging of views across cultures.During Munich Jewellery Week 2020, the table, as well as the jewellery upon it, become a platform where we can meet and open up to each other, exchange thoughts and come closer together.

Helen Clara Hemsley
Josefine Rønsholt Smith
Mette Saabye