9–15 March 2020

(10.03 – 15.03.2020)


-- Exhibition Cancelled -- Declaration of Sentiments

Nevin Arig, Erica Bello, Jessica Calderwood, Melissa Cameron, Fatima Tocornal Garcia, Cata Gibert, Yajie Hu, Helena Lehtinen, Anna Lewis, Eija Mustonen, Barbara Paganin, Sondra Sherman, Burcu Sülek, Niki Stylianou, Tarja Tuupanen, Eva Van Kempen, Snem Yildirim

Ligsalzstraße 12, Munich, Germany

Opening 11.03 16:00-19:00
Tue-Fri 11:00-18:00
Sat 11:00-15:00
Sun 11:00-16:00

Nevin Arig - No more Gold, 2020, Object, - Leather jewellery box, brass, rice.
Erica Bello -Blossoming, brooch, silver, gold, steel pin wire -Weeping Oxidized silver, gold, steel pin wire -Flowering Oxidized silver, gold, steel pin wire

Throughout the history, the existence of women in social life has been tried to be made invisible.

Jessica Calderwood - Asexual (double-fibule brooch) - Sterling silver, enamel, copper
Melissa Cameron - Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomyot 2015, 2 Pins Brooch & 2 Neckpieces, Powdercoated new steel trowel, stainless steel, poly cotton ribbon

The woman, who was previously described with symbols of fertility, abundance and goddess , was depicted as an evil creature in the Middle Ages. With the evolution of the matriarchal structure to the patriarchal structure, women were forced to live in a male-dominated world without equality.


Eija Mustonen - United 2019, Mittens - nickelsilver, copper
Barbara Paganin - Memoria Aperta n 20 , Brooch 2011/2013 , - oxhidized silver, porcelain, tourmaline, cameo, gold. - Photo: Alice Pavesi Fiori
Helena Lehtinen, -Pink Edition 2019 Brooch -Wool, plymer clay
Yajie Hu, -Tangible Colour 2017 Brooch, -Acrylic paint, silver,pvc, stainless steel.

In the history of art women artists were ignored, and their work was only associated with craft requiring manual dexterity. Nevertheless, in this historical process, women artists opposed the marginalization and rejected the gender based roles imposed by the patriarchal system. They continued their struggle in the field of art by running their own galleries, organizing their own exhibitions and opening their own art schools. The “Declaration of Sentiments” exhibition was designed as a continuation of this historical process and brought together women artists within the framework of gender based women’s struggle in the art environment.

Eva Van Kempen - In Case of Emergency, 2019 Bangle, - NorLevo morning after pill (EXP: 02/2023), pvc film, artificial leather, faceted citrine, silk, 14K red gold, 18K yellow gold. - Photo Hugo Rompa
Cata Gibert - Vases 2020 - Old canvases, acrylic paint and resin.
Tarja Tuupanen - Ordinary days, 2019 Necklace, - Used marble tableware, cotton ribbon
Sondra Sherman - Rorschach Corsage: Belladonna II Brooch/Pendant with chain. - Materials: steel

The exhibition was named after the Declaration of Sentiments at the Seneca Falls Congress, which was held on July 19-20, 1848 under the leadership of Elizabeth CadyStanton. The Declaration was signed by 100 men and women, and this was the first organized women’s rights record in history and an advocacy for equal rights for women.

Burcu Sülek - Burden, 2020 Necklace, - Papier maché, mixed media, thread. - Photo: Umut Töre
Fatima Tocornal Garcia - Pensamiento 2019, Object, Wood, Paper, thread
Snem Yildirim - Attention, At Ease 2019 Brooch, - Anodized aluminum, photo, lenticular lens, powder coated brass
Anna Lewis - Stay 2020 Necklace - Hand dyed feathers, silver, carved model foam
Niki Stylianou - Not to hurt... Not to be hurt...(en-traps, being en-trapped)”Object. Brooch or pendant. Hand raised copper, pigments, patinas, stainless steel, linen.